Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke reveals her flawless skin as she accepts the make-up free challenge

Games of Thrones star Emilia Clarke
proved that she is comfortable in her own skin as she revealed her
flawless pores for a make up free photograph.

candid head shot uploaded by the star on Facebook showed off her
enviable glow and spot-free complexion which received over 4,000 likes
on the social networking site.

There was no caption to accompany the
photograph however the star's fresh face sent a strong message and made
for an honest reflection of the actress. 

Emilia Clarke revealed her flawless skin in the candid make up free photo

Spot free: Emilia Clarke revealed her flawless skin in the candid make up free photo

Emilia Clarke as her character in Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke is more familiar in a blonde wig and bushy eyebrows in her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

Wearing her hair scraped back into a loose ponytail, the actress is completely stripped down in comparison to her character Daenerys
in the medieval fantasy series. The star normally sports a blonde wig and thick bushy eyebrows for her fictional character.


It's not surprising that Emilia has the ability to pull of the natural look as she often sports a nude style of make up.

The star who is currently starring in a Broadway production of Breakfast At Tiffany's in New York, was glowing as she wore just a hint of bronzer paired with nude lips when leaving the Cort Theatre yesterday.

Emilia Clarke glows in her everyday make up outside Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Cort Theater in New York

Glamour is her day job: Emilia Clarke glows in
her everyday make up outside Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Cort Theater
in New York

Emilia Clarke often opts for a nude look

Emilia Clarke wears he usual make up whilst on theater trip in New York

Emilia Clarke wears her usual make up when leaving the Cort Theater in New York

Emilia is now the latest
amongst a number of celebrities to upload make up free photographs

appears as thought the star took a leaf out of Demi Lovato's book, as
the singer tweeted a picture of her very own make-under last week and
urged her fans on Twitter to do the same.

X Factor judge then encouraged her followers to the upload their naked
faced photographs. 'Ladies, be brave today "take of your make-up and
stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!!' she tweeted.

The star later revealed that the picture she posted had been part of a larger shoot for People magazine.

has publicly suffered with eating disorders in the past and wanted to
use the picture as a positive way of encouraging young girls to embrace
their natural beauty. 

Other celebrities such as Rihanna and Jessie J have all posted make up free pictures in the past.

Demi lovato encouraged her Twitter followers to upload photos

Jessie J revealed her natural side

No Filter:  Demi Lovato and Jessie J have both taken to Twitter in the past to reveal their natural looks

Game of Thrones has recently
returned to British screen for it's third season and reports have
circulated that there could be a season four in the works.

Emilia is now single after splitting with boyfriend, Family Guy creator, Seth Mcfarlene after seven moths of dating.

According to E! news the couple reportedly split last month due to location difficulties.

Emilia was scheduled to film Game of Thrones in Europe whilst Seth is based in Los Angeles.

The conflict of schedules and the distance between them allegedly made it hard for the pair.

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