'I lost my virginity with my high school sweetheart': Porn stars reveal their surprisingly tame - but awkward - first sexual encounters

Some of the biggest names in the porn
industry have admitted that their first sexual encounters were not as
raunchy or explicit as their occupations might suggest.

Adult film actress Aurora Snow, 31, rounded up ten of her fellow porn stars to describe to the Daily Beast the day they lost their virginity - with some surprising results.

her own personal experience, Ms Snow explained: 'I was at a drive-in
movie with my high-school sweetheart,' she wrote. 'We did what every
parent fears their kids will do at the drive-in: what started as a
make-out session turned into something much more explicit.'

Teagan Presley

Jessica Drake

Mary Carey

Not what
you'd expect: Porn stars Teagan Presley (left), Jessica Drake (middle)
and Mary Carey (right) have confessed that their first sexual encounters
were not as titillating as their careers might suggest

Snow - who has been in over 500 adult movies - isn't the only porn star
to have a relatively innocent story about her first sexual encounter.

Borden, an adult performer and former professional wrestler, confessed
that she regretted not waiting longer to lose her virginity.

was going to be 18, it was right before my birthday,' she wrote. 'I
didn't want to be a virgin and be 18. . . Instead of waiting to be
ready, I wanted to have sex.'


Ms Borden, now 35, said she
had sex with her then-boyfriend who was also a virgin at the time. 'it
was pretty weird,' she said. 'It was not sexual or romantic or fun. It
was stressful. I was not comfortable.'

She continued: 'I should've never pushed myself because I wasn't ready and you have to be ready for sex.'

Dana Vespoli, a 40-year-old pornographic
actress and director, also felt unprepared for her first time, which
she said she experienced at 16.

'It was not sexual or romantic or fun - it was stressful!'

'We were both very technical about
it,' she recalled of herself and her boyfriend at the time, then 17.

experience reminded me of when you work through a tight muscle with a
massage therapist,' she joked.

While she and her beau were 'super-passionate about making out,' going that step further was 'overwhelming,' she explained.

Teagan Presley, 27, admitted she had 'no idea' what she was doing the first time she had sex at 17.

'It was stressful!' she confessed,
adding, 'I did it to please my boyfriend in high school whom I had dated
since middle school.'

Joanna Angel

Aurora Snow

Just normal teens:
Joanna Angel (left) said her first time at age 19 was 'really awkward',
and Aurora Snow (right) lost her virginity with her high school
sweetheart at a drive-in movie

And just like normal teenagers, many of the women said their experiences were clumsy and awkward.

'I had terrible skin and short hair and
wore nothing but cargo pants and dirty T-shirts,' recalled Joanna Angel, who was 19 when she lost her virginity.

was really awkward,' she said of her first time. 'I wasn't sure what to
do. . . I think it lasted for all of, like, two minutes.'

women also said that their parents reacted in ways that might be
expected after discovering their daughter is no longer a virgin.

For Jessica Drake, it caused a rift between her and her mother once she found out about it.

'I did it to please my boyfriend in high school  whom I had dated since middle school'

'She immediately confronted me,
screaming at me,' she recalled.

'[But[ it didn't make me stop having
sex, it made me more careful about being caught.'

For some, though, the seminal life event had its romantic aspects.

'It was [with] my boyfriend, Bobby. It was Valentine's Day,' wrote Mary Carey, a 32-year-old film actress and director.

said her first time took place at a friend's house when her parents
were away. 'He put roses on my girlfriend's bed,' she said of her
boyfriend at the time.

Snow, who is currently writing her own memoirs, analyzed the findings:
'Watching our movies might lead a person to believe that adult-film
stars were born with innate sexual abilities,' she wrote.

'Turns out, we aren't that much different from everyone else when it comes to our first encounters.'

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