The BABY Bachelor: Jimmy Kimmel's adorable toddler nephew looks for love in parody of popular reality dating series

A toddler named Wesley has demonstrated what dating reality show, The Bachelor, would be like if it involved babies instead of adults.

On Thursday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the talk show host presented a clip of The Baby Bachelor, a parody of the ABC series starring his adorable nephew.

And Wesley, who looks dapper in a tuxedo, proves to be a true gentleman as he holds open the door for potential bride Eva, a 'finger painter', lovingly grabs the hands of Gabrielle, a 'unicorn enthusiast', and gives Stella the 'handful' a kiss on the cheek when she can't hold back her tears.

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Baby BachelorYoung and eligible: In a clip for The Baby Bachelor - Jimmy Kimmel's parody spin-off of the ABC reality series - his nephew Wesley, a toddler looking for love, is the star

Baby BachelorHeart-to-heart: The talk show host talks to Wesley, who wears a tuxedo while sitting in a baby stroller, about meeting the girl of his dreams

Mr Kimmel introduces the young son of his brother Jonathon, Wesley, who explains, has 'been looking for love for years now.'

'Hi, I'm Wesley, the baby bachelor,' the toddler lisps in his TV interview.

'America, meet Wesley. He's single, he lives with his parents, and he takes great care of his body,' says Mr Kimmel as the toddler is seen playing with toy dinosaurs and taking off his T-shirt.

Wesley stands in front of a door to the mansion, awaiting his potential brides. 'I hope I find my bride,' he says enthusiastically.

In the clip, Mr Kimmel sits down with the young bachelor to learn more about his intentions on the show. 'Wesley, are you ready to meet the woman of your dreams?' he asks. 'Yeah,' says Wesley.
Baby BachelorIntroduction: 'America, meet Wesley. He's single, he lives with his parents, and he takes great care of his body,' explains Jimmy as the toddler plays with his toys

Baby Bachelor

Baby Bachelor

Potential brides: Gabrielle (left) is a 29-month-old 'unicorn enthusiast' who admits: 'I'm looking for the one!' Eva (right), a 'finger painter', confesses: 'I hope Wesley doesn't break my heart'

'What kind of dreams do you have?' Jimmy then asks, to which Wesley responds: 'Um, a firetruck, and a turned around bed.'

'Very good,' says Mr Kimmel. 'Now go out there and find your wife!'

The first girl to arrive in the limousine is Gabrielle, a two-year-old 'unicorn enthusiast'. 'I'm Gabrielle and I'm looking for the one,' says the adorable toddler.

Wesley greets her at the door and lovingly grabs her hands. 'It was love at first sight!' she explains as she fidgets nervously in the interview chair.

Next to arrive is Eva, a 'finger painter' who says to the camera: 'I hope Wesley doesn't break my heart.'
Baby BachelorOpposites attract: Wesley is delighted when Ashley, the lone adult in the crowd, struts out of the limousine in her high heels and tight mini dress. 'I'd like to get the big girl,' he says of the 26-year-old blonde

Baby BachelorPlaydate: Wesley picks his nose as he chats to one of his potential brides

Jesse, a three-year-old 'stay-at-home daughter', admits candidly: 'I'm looking for a sugar daddy!'

Avi, a 'princess', arrives in a tiara, and Tesla the 'Duck duck gooser' dons a white dress adorned with flowers on the neckline.

'Some of the girls were more vulnerable than others,' Mr Kimmel says in the background, as Stella, a 'handful', walks out of the limousine and bursts into tears.

When she reaches the doorway, Wesley gives her a kiss on the cheek to make her feel better. 'It's OK, just take my hand!' he says to her.

Wesley can't hide his delight when Ashley, the lone adult among the girls, struts out of the limousine in her high heels and tight mini dress.

Baby Bachelor

Baby Bachelor

What a gentleman: Stella (left), a 'handful', walks out of the limousine and bursts into tears. Wesley gives her a kiss on the cheek (right) to make her feel better

Baby BachelorDrama: Several of the girls having a tea party by the pool get annoyed when Franki (second right) turns up in her bikini. 'Franki's showing off,' complains Tesla, the 'duck duck gooser'

Wesley and Ashley make an adorable pair as the 26-year-old blonde towers several feet above him and introduces herself.

'I'd like to get the big girl,' Wesley admits to the camera.

The clip shows the toddlers interacting in the Bachelor house. Some of them hop on a trampoline together, one girl digs into a jar of candy, and several of the girls have a tea party by the pool.

And just like The Bachelor, the toddler version of the reality series has its fair share of drama.

At one point, Franki, one of the youngest girls, begins to show off and annoy the other girls when she wears a bikini to their tea party and busts out her hip-hop dance moves
Baby BachelorAge-appropriate: In a spin-off of The Bachelor's rose ceremony, Welsey is seen offering a toy dinosaur to his potential brides

'Franki's showing off,' says one girl, adding: 'What is she wearing!'

A trailer for the next episode of The Baby Bachelor shows the drama escalating as one girl pushes over her chair and says, 'You didn't share!'

And in a parody of the famous rose ceremony in the reality show, which sees the bachelor giving a flower to each of his potential brides, Wesley is shown presenting his girls with a toy.

'Will you please accept this dinosaur?' he asks, brandishing the toy in the air.
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